May 6, 2020

Infowhelm: Environmental Art and Literature in an Age of Data

Christy Tidwell

By Heather Houser. Columbia University Press, 2020. 

How do artists and writers engage with environmental knowledge in the face of overwhelming information about catastrophe? What kinds of knowledge do the arts produce when addressing climate change, extinction, and other environmental emergencies? What happens to scientific data when it becomes art? In Infowhelm, Heather Houser explores the ways contemporary art manages environmental knowledge in an age of climate crisis and information overload.

Houser argues that the infowhelm—a state of abundant yet contested scientific information—is an unexpectedly ...

Scott Edward Anderson’s Dwelling: an ecopoem wins 2019 Nautilus Book Award

Christy Tidwell

Scott Edward Anderson’s Dwelling: an ecopoem has received a 2019 Nautilus Book Award! For over 20 years, the Nautilus Book Awards have celebrated “books that support conscious living & green values, high-level wellness, positive social change & social justice, and spiritual growth.”

A sequence of poems and prose questions, Dwelling: an ecopoem began as a conversation with Martin Heidegger’s essay “Building Dwelling Thinking” and became an expansive journey into the notion of home. With sharp focus, at once moving and lyric, Scott Edward Anderson explores the ...

Extended CFP: Erasure and the Environment Conference

Extended CFP: Erasure and the Environment Conference Loughborough University, 17-18th September 2020 Keynote Address: Prof. David Herd (University of Kent)

In our contemporary moment, erasure is everywhere. Material disappearances abound as rising seas swallow low-lying island nations, as drought extends far beyond traditional aridity zones, and as hurricanes and flash floods destroy towns with alarming regularity. Cultural losses follow as communities are forced to adapt or migrate, surrendering historic traditions and lifestyles to global warming in the name of survival. Loss, here, leads to loss, where ...