September 10, 2020

CFP: Narrating Violence and Environments in Latin America (NeMLA 2021 Panel)

In After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene (2015), Jedediah Purdy describes what he calls the “environmental imagination,” which comprises “how we see and how we learn to see, how we suppose the world works, how we suppose that it matters, and what we feel we have at stake in it. It is an implicit, everyday metaphysics, the bold speculations buried in our ordinary lives” (6-7). Amidst the gravity of the Anthropocene today, Purdy examines the linkages between environmental imagination and “ways of ...

Chinese Women Writers on the Environment: A Multi-Ethnic Anthology of Fiction and Nonfiction

Christy Tidwell

Edited by Dong Isbister, Xiumei Pu, and Stephen D. Rachman. McFarland Books, 2020. 

The stories, prose and poems in this anthology offer readers a unique and generous array of women’s experiences in China. In a world that is rapidly modernizing, these writings attempt to reconcile with the ever-changing people, plants, beasts and environment. After five years of painstaking collection and translation, the authors present these stories of strength and sadness, defiance and resilience, urban and village life, from the days of the cultural revolution ...