March 17, 2021

Ontologies of Nature and Indigenous Spirituality and Human Nonhuman Health in Contemporary Latin American Culture

EmergencE/Y: ASLE 2021 Virtual Conference Conference Dates: July 26 – August 6, 2021

This panel seeks to discuss the ways in which cultural productions from Latin America articulate and mobilize ideas about nature as a healing source and, conversely, as a source in need of healing. Both Nature as a panacea for an aching body and as an intoxicated environment in need of healing are two common themes expressed in contemporary visual art, literary works, cinematography and other forms of cultural expression from Latin America. ...

Lost Mountain

Christy Tidwell

By Anne Coray. West Margin Press, 2021.

The searing debut novel of poet and writer Anne Coray, Lost Mountain is an impassioned story of love, loss, environment, and politics against a landscape facing threat of destruction.

When news of an open-pit mining project hits the remote Alaskan hometown of Whetstone Cove, young widow Dehlia Melven barely takes in the town’s nervous chatter. The Ziggurat corporation promises the mine will be fifteen times larger than all the mines in Alaska combined, but Dehlia’s thoughts are consumed by ...