March 29, 2021

Indigenous Narratives of Travel


Panel proposal for ASLE 2021 Virtual Conference, July 26-August 6

This panel calls for abstracts that explore indigenous narratives of spatial movement (conceived broadly) in literature and film. Indigenous characters often redefine their relationship to the environment as they journey through it, whether as exploration, migration, or day-to-day travel. Such narratives of travel allow for new articulations of indigenous identities in response to contemporary conditions. Abstracts from various regions and time periods are invited.

Special Issue of Studies in American Fiction “The EcoGothic”

CALL FOR PAPERS A Special Issue of Studies in American Fiction “The EcoGothic”

We invite submissions for a special issue of Studies in American Fiction devoted to the ecoGothic, an emergent critical approach that explores the intersections between the Gothic imagination and the natural world. The ecoGothic offers suggestive pathways toward theorizing the environmental humanities by investigating how such texts at times harbor the monstrous, the spectral, and the sublime. Gothic anxieties haunt some of our most environmentally-focused literature. Likewise, natural elements and environmental concerns emerge, ...