July 6, 2021

Fear and Nature: Ecohorror Studies in the Anthropocene

Christy Tidwell

Edited by Christy Tidwell and Carter Soles. The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2021. 

Ecohorror represents human fears about the natural world—killer plants and animals, catastrophic weather events, and disquieting encounters with the nonhuman. Its portrayals of animals, the environment, and even scientists build on popular conceptions of zoology, ecology, and the scientific process. As such, ecohorror is a genre uniquely situated to address life, art, and the dangers of scientific knowledge in the Anthropocene.

Featuring new readings of the genre, Fear and Nature brings ecohorror texts and ...

Making Kin in Early Modern France: Interspecies Ecologies of Care (NeMLA 2022, Baltimore)

53rd Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association (March 10-13, 2022, Baltimore, MD) Panel: Making Kin in Early Modern France: Interspecies Ecologies of Care

This panel seeks to consider how the works of French writers and thinkers of the early modern period and the eighteenth century envision entanglements and interconnections between humans and their nonhuman “kin,” whether animal, vegetable, or other forms of life. The feminist science studies scholar Donna Haraway defines “kin” not as a solely biological concept but as a method of redefining ...