November 1, 2021

Nature Creeps Back: Creature Features and the Environment with Christy Tidwell & Bridgitte Barclay

What’s scarier than climate change? Not much, but this month’s guests–Bridgitte Barclay, Associate Professor at Aurora University, and Christy Tidwell, Associate Professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology–join us to talk about the sub-genre of horror films known as creature features, and how these films can change how we think about environmental concerns.

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Stacey Balkan: November 2021 Scholar of the Month

Christy Tidwell

ASLE’s Scholar of the Month for November 2021 is Stacey Balkan. 

Stacey Balkan is Assistant Professor of Environmental Literature and Humanities at Florida Atlantic University where she also serves as an affiliate faculty member for the University’s Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Initiative. She is co-editor of Oil Fictions: World Literature and our Contemporary Petrosphere (Penn State Press, 2021) and author of Rogues in the Postcolony: Narrating Extraction and Itinerancy in India (West Virginia University Press, 2022) as well as numerous essays on energy ...