February 14, 2022

Ecological Reparation YouTube Channel

Tidwell Christy

How can ecological thinking and practice enable reparation? How can reparation for damages done be ecological? The YouTube channel Ecological Reparation discusses work engaged in remediating and repairing as well as claiming reparations for more than human ecologies. Videos explore different ways in which ecological thinking and practice may enable reparation, as well as how reparation for damages done could be ecological.

Participants start from diverse standpoints connecting the social sciences, environmental sciences and humanities, as well as critical theory, ...

Woodsqueer: Crafting a Sustainable Rural Life

McIntyre Amy

By Gretchen Legler. Trinity University Press, 2022.

“Woodsqueer” is sometimes used to describe the mindset of a person who has taken to the wild for an extended period of time. Gretchen Legler is no stranger to life away from the rapid-fire pace of the twenty-first century, which can often lead to a kind of stir-craziness. Woodsqueer chronicles her experiences intentionally focusing on not just making a living but making a life—in this case, an agrarian one more in tune with the earth on eighty acres in ...