February 23, 2022

Animal Bodies: On Death, Desire, and Other Difficulties

Christy Tidwell

By Suzanne Roberts. University of Nebraska Press, 2022. 

How do we reckon with our losses? In Animal Bodies Suzanne Roberts explores the link between death and desire and what it means to accept our own animal natures, the parts we most often hide, deny, or consider only with shame—our taboo desires and our grief. In landscapes as diverse as Salamanca’s cobbled streets, the Mekong River’s floating markets, Fire Island’s windswept beaches, Nashville’s honky-tonks, and the Sierra Nevada’s snowy slopes, Roberts interrogates her memory and tries to ...

Here for the Present: A Grammar of Happiness in the Present Imperfect, Live from the Poet’s Perch

Christy Tidwell

By Barbara Mossberg. Pacific Grove Books, 2021. 

In this exuberant record of Barbara Mossberg engaging audiences from California to Finland, you will find poems, stories, memoir, humor, elegies, celebrations, travel narratives, rollicking speeches, nature rapture, literary tributes, cooking instructions, and love songs, among other riches. You will encounter mountains and mountain lions, rivers and herons, lost loved ones and found miracles. In her company, you will experience, as she does, moments “when the Universe will reveal itself … as something generous and good, some ...

Film, Environment, Comedy: Eco-Comedies on the Big Screen

Christy Tidwell

By Robin L. Murray and Joseph K. Heumann. Routledge, 2022. 

Film, Environment, Comedy explores the transformative power of comedy to help connect a wider audience to films that explore environmental concerns and issues.

This book offers a space in which to explore the complex ways environmental comedies present their eco-arguments. With an organizational structure that reveals the evolution of both eco-comedy films and theoretical approaches, this book project aims to fill a gap in ecocinema scholarship. It does so by exploring three sections arranged to highlight ...

Feeding Hour

Christy Tidwell

By Jessica Gigot. Wandering Aengus Press, 2020. 

Winner of the Nautilus Book Awards’ Silver Award in Poetry and shortlisted for the Washington State Book Award!

Gigot’s FEEDING HOUR deftly reimagines motherhood and devotion in the most tender of ways. This book will remind you how to care and be cared for. I’m so smitten with these love poems that dare promise a possible landscape where “…we can finally have everything, be everything we are called to be; Ourselves, in our own parade. Riding the elephant in the ...

Plastic: An Autobiography

Christy Tidwell

By Allison Cobb. Nightboat Books, 2021. 

In Plastic: An Autobiography, Cobb’s obsession with a large plastic car part leads her to explore the violence of our consume-and-dispose culture, including her own life as a child of Los Alamos, where the first atomic bombs were made. The journey exposes the interconnections among plastic waste, climate change, nuclear technologies, and racism. Using a series of interwoven narratives―from ancient Phoenicia to Alabama―the book bears witness to our deepest entanglements and asks how humans continue on this planet.


“Plastic is ...

On the Trail of the Jackalope

Christy Tidwell

By Michael P. Branch. Pegasus Books, 2022. 

On the Trail of the Jackalope is the never-before-told story of the horned rabbit—the myths, the hoaxes, the very real scientific breakthrough it inspired—and how it became a cultural touchstone of the American West. Purported to be part jackrabbit and part antelope, the jackalope began as a local joke concocted by two young brothers in a small Wyoming town during the Great Depression. Their creation quickly spread around the U.S., where it now regularly appears as innumerable ...

ASLE Spotlight 2022 Lineup and Registration

We are delighted to announce the themes and participants in our 2022 ASLE Spotlight series.

Each of our four ASLE Spotlight episodes will feature moderated conversations with ASLE members who have produced new critical and creative work in the environmental humanities. Episodes follow a theme, and highlight publicly engaged scholarship. They will be recorded for later viewing.

Registration is required for the live episodes, and space is limited. Priority will be given to ASLE members, but all are welcome to sign up and will be ...