March 13, 2022

Book Series: Critical Plant Studies

Critical Plant Studies, a book series published by Lexington Books, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield, calls us to re-examine in fundamental ways our understanding of and engagement with plants, drawing on diverse disciplinary perspectives. A sampling of topics appropriate for this series includes but is not limited to: • Representations of plants in literature, art, film, and popular culture • Relationships between humans and plants • Boundaries and distinctions between plants and animals • Plants and the environmental crisis • Phytosemiotics and plant communication • Plant sensation and consciousness • ...

CHANGE! Samla 94 – 2022

FRENCH STUDIES – Panel Call for proposals at SAMLA 2022

“Challenging Humanity’s Answers to Nature’s Global Evolution (*CHANGE): Anthropocene Poetics of French and Francophone Literature and Cinema”

Through History, French and Francophone intellectuals and artists have frequently represented the ever-changing human relationship with Nature through their works. Yet, since the Industrial Revolution, people must not only adapt to their environment to thrive, but they are also defined by it. The implications of climate change for ecological, physical, and sociological systems are profound and disturbing. “The ...