July 20, 2022

ASLE Awards 2022 Translation and Subvention Grants

The ASLE subvention and translation grant committee has announced the five ASLE member projects that have been awarded grants for 2022. We would like to thank the committee members who completed this challenging process of reviewing 30 abstracts: Heather Sullivan (chair), David Taylor, Hannes Bergthaler, and Lennie Amores. Please read more about their innovative projects below.

Subvention Grants Alison Maas, “Left of the Coast”

The real and imagined disappearance of coastal terrains and ecosystems in California has given rise to new anxieties and polities that approach ...

Climate Change, Human Rights and Literature

Concept Note Climate change stands out as the greatest threat to human survival on planet earth today, and it poses serious risks to the fundamental rights to life, sustenance, shelter, sanitation, health and an adequate standard of living of people across the world. Although climate change is a global problem, challenges of environmental change and climate hazards are disproportionately experienced, and some people are in more vulnerable conditions than others in terms of their exposure to the vagaries of weather. Bill McKibben’s “Iron Law ...