January 4, 2023

ASLE Welcomes New Officers in 2023

McIntyre Amy

ASLE is delighted to announce the results of our recent elections. Here are the new members of our leadership team:

Vice President: Cristin Ellis, University of Mississippi Public Engagement Officer: Daniel Lanza Rivers, San José State University Contingent/Independent Advocacy Officer: Katherine M. Huber, Ph.D., M.Ed. Diversity Officer: Fernando Varela, Texas Lutheran University Graduate Student Liaison (GSL): Lucien Darjeun Meadows, University of Denver

ASLE also thank the many excellent candidates who ran for office and enjoyed robust support from the membership: Kathryn Dolan, Stephen Siperstein, Xinmin Liu, Frida Heitland, and ...

Peace with Nature: Exploring the Korean DMZ with Eleana Kim

McIntyre Amy

Eleana Kim, professor of anthropology and Asian American studies at UC Irvine, joins Lindsay and Brandon to discuss her work that examines the unique liminal space of the Korean DMZ, and the natural, militaristic, and hybrid ecosystems within it. Eleana argues that this particular space helps us better understand the impacts of war on the natural world, but that it also helps us better connect with the natural world and each other when we explore that space.

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