Call for Participants – EcoCast: The Official ASLE Podcast


The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) is currently accepting proposals for participants to be featured on our recently launched podcast series, EcoCast. Scholars and educators doing work related to ecocriticism, environmental and social justice, community-based learning, and any other topic that falls under the purview of ASLE’s vision are welcome to submit proposals for participation in the podcast. Proposals can come from individual scholars or small groups (3-4), with preference given to scholars proposing topics that have not been discussed on an episode before. Though the podcast will launch in English, we are open to proposals for a podcast episodes in other languages if there is interest in doing so and a co-host available.

The purpose of this podcast is to keep the members of ASLE, as well as those broadly interested in the scholarship surrounding literature and the environment, informed and connected in between biennial conferences by giving scholars and teachers a space to share their research, teaching, and activism in an informal, wide-reaching way.

Podcast topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • Current scholarship in environmental literature and art
  • Environmental justice activism
  • Community-based and service learning
  • Environmental justice pedagogy
  • Problems/Issues facing environmental justice and ecocritical scholarship, activism, and/or pedagogy
  • Creative works (published or yet to be published) dealing with environmental concerns

Participation need not be in person, and the podcast can be recorded remotely via Skype. Any technical questions will be addressed in the FAQ sent to all accepted proposals. Those participants in and around the Central Kansas region can record in person or remotely, based upon the preference and schedule of the host and participant(s). Upon acceptance, participants will be contacted via email to schedule possible days and times to record and will receive a rough outline of the episode (including possible questions for discussion), instructions and technical guidelines, and a list of frequently asked questions at least one week prior to recording, so they might prepare effectively for recording.

We anticipate each podcast will run 30-40 minutes on average. Participants should plan to schedule 1-1.5 hours for the full recording session, to allow for time to resolve any technical issues that might arise.

Podcast topic proposals should be emailed to or Proposals should be 250-300 words and include (1) a brief abstract of the topic to be discussed, including an explanation of its value or contribution(s) to ASLE’s Vision and Community goals, and (2) name, contact information, and brief biography of participant.. Proposals for episodes with more than one participant should also include a short description for what each person specifically plans to discuss related to the topic.

Posted on July 10, 2020