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Storytelling and Environmental Justice in the West: ASLE Panel at WLA


This year the Western Literature Association (WLA) will hold its annual conference in Minneapolis, October 25-28. The conference theme is “Sweet Land, Mighty Waters: Myth and Storytelling West of the Mississippi.” As an affiliated organization, ASLE has a guaranteed panel at the WLA conference. This year the theme of the ASLE-sponsored panel will be “Storytelling and Environmental Justice in the West.” Taking seriously the conference theme of myth and storytelling, the panel seeks submissions that consider how the ...

H2O: Life and Death

H2O: Life and Death

15 & 16 September, 2017 An interdisciplinary conference organised by the J. M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, University of Adelaide (Australia)

Call for Submissions

Waters are contested entities that are currently at the centre of most scientific discussions about sustainability. Discourse around water management underlines both the serious absence and devastating overabundance of water: rising sea levels compete against desertification; hurricanes and floods follow periods of prolonged drought.

As we increasingly pollute, canalise and desalinate waters, the ambiguous nature of our relationship with ...

In Other Tongues

In Other Tongues is now accepting registrations. Held at the beautiful Dartington Hall in southwest England from June 7-14 2017, it comprises an international gathering/conference from June 7-9 followed by a small-group residential short course from June 10-14.

We are still accepting submissions to our Film Programme. If you have a film that is relevant to the themes, please contact us at

Keynote speakers at the conference are Prof. Wendy Wheeler and poet Alyson Hallett; other presenters include sound artist Tony Whitehead, leading us ...

Ecology, Economy, and Cultures of Resistance: Oikoi of the North American World

Ecology, Economy, and Cultures of Resistance: Oikoi of the North American World A two-day symposium at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, 29-30 June 2017

Extended deadline: March 17, 2017

Ecology and economy are inextricable. From the ‘oeconomy of nature’ theorized by Thomas Burnet, and later Carl Linnaeus, to the recent turn in the social sciences that reconsiders the Anthropocene as the Capitalocene, the interwoven global history of these two fields of thought makes their conceptual separation impracticable.

This two-day symposium considers the ...

21st International James Fenimore Cooper & Susan Fenimore Cooper Conference

21st International James Fenimore Cooper & Susan Fenimore Cooper Conference September 27 – 30, 2017 SUNY College at Oneonta Oneonta, NY

We seeking papers that address the theme “Watersheds.” In its geographical sense, a watershed is a region where rivers come together and define a landscape. At the same time a watershed is a moment, a point in history of dramatic and sudden change. The Coopers’ writing reflects both sense of this word. They made the upper Susquehanna region central to their literary imaginations, and their writings reflect ...

ASLE Panel at MMLA

This year’s Midwest Modern Language Association Convention will be held in Cincinnati, OH November 9th-12th, 2017. Please see the conference website for details:

In response to the MMLA conference theme “Artists and Activists,” this ASLE-sponsored panel seeks papers that explore green art and activism in this challenging—and critical—moment. What kind of environmental activism does the present demand? What forms of resistance are both effective and sustainable? While papers that engage directly with ecocriticism / ecotheory are preferred, papers on all periods, genres/forms are ...

The US and the World We Inhabit: 24th AISNA Biennial Conference

24th AISNA Biennial Conference The US and the World We Inhabit University of Milan, September 28-30, 2017

Call for workshops:

The newly elected administration inaugurated the year 2017 by raising questions in the nation and the world about the oncoming policies of the US government regarding the construction or removal of barriers, the care or exploitation of the environment, and many other dilemmas involving radically alternative scenarios for our future relations to the world and to our habitats. What is at stake is the option of facing ...

International Conference on Ecocriticism and Environmental Studies

13 May, 2017 – Warsaw, Poland

Ecocriticism plays a significant role in shaping environmental consciousness. Representations of nature’s agency become central to many studies conducted in literature, culture studies, philosophy, history, sociology or political science. This conference aims to explore the relationship between the physical environment and text in its broader meaning as well as analyse the social concerns raised by environmental crisis.

Conference panels will be related, but not limited, to:

Pastoral and wilderness Animal studies Cultural and literary ecology Ecolinguistics Ecosophy Ethnobiology Ecofeminism Posthumanism Environmental arts

We invite proposals from various disciplines including ...

“Rocks of Ages, Grounds of Being”

14th Literature & Ecology Colloquium Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa 20-22 October 2017

What does it mean to pay attention to geology in Southern African literature? How do the fundamental underpinnings of rock and soil influence how we structure and express our various senses of belonging? How does our literature represent the relationships between indigeneity, post-colonialism and the growth of modern geological sciences? How do varieties of geological knowledge articulate with imaginative poetics of time and narrative?

The Colloquium invites papers on any of the following possibilities ...

Materiality in Contemporary Art: Compos(t)ing the Past Through the Present [ASAP Conference]

For the 2017 Association for the Study of Arts of the Present (ASAP) Conference in Berkeley, CA, Oct 26-28, 2017. More information:

This roundtable draws together visual artists, poets, and scholars to discuss the recursivity of aesthetic forms–how they mediate and reconfigure ecological conditions, and in turn, emerge from and respond to them. Each of these disciplines and art forms has a unique relationship to materiality–the sculptor vs. the poet, for instance–though each contends with immediate and mediated forms, neither of which has ...

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