Calls for Papers

MLA 2021 SPECIAL SESSION: “Ecology and Environmentalism in Mexican, Central American and Latin/o American Literature and Visual Arts.”

This panel examines works from Mexico, Central America and Latin/o American authors that emphasize an environmental perspective: Urban Ecology, Ecofeminism, Indigenous Perspectives, Animal/Plant Studies, Migration and Climate Change, Utopian and Dystopian Scenarios, and other perspectives. Please, send a 250-word abstract and a short bio.

Extended deadline: 03/30/2020

ASLE Panel at RMMLA 2020

Proposals are now being accepted for the ASLE permanent panel at the Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association (RMMLA) annual convention. This year’s conference will take place October 8–10 in Boulder, Colorado. Proposals on any topic related to ecocriticism and the environmental arts and humanities are welcome, including pedagogical papers. Proposals of 250–300 words should be sent to Lowell Wyse at by March 31, 2020.

Science Fiction Research Association 2020: ASLE session

The cfp for the 2020 Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) conference, July 8-11 at Indiana University in Bloomington, is now live. ASLE and SFRA have a guaranteed panel at each other’s conferences. If you’re interested in organizing a panel and/or in proposing a paper for a panel, please connect with Andy Hageman and Bridgitte Barclay, your current ASLE-SFRA liaisons: email to: hagean03 (at) The 2020 SFRA theme is Forms of Fabulation. The conference takes as core concept Fabulation as practice of imagining otherwise in the construction of reality as ...

MLA 2021 Special Session: “The Final Frontier: Space, Race, and Survival in Speculative Fiction”

This panel will investigate space exploration in speculative literatures. We particularly welcome papers that consider rhetorics of survivalism, racial supremacy, colonization, and/or ecocide that have informed speculative imaginations of space travel and planetary conquest.

Please submit abstracts (~250 words) and CVs to Tyler Harper (New York University) at and Smaran Dayal (New York University) at

MLA 2021 Special Session: Depression-era Environmental Literature in the U.S.

Dust storms. Flooding. The fear of nuclear fallout. While literary critics associate American authors of the 1930s and 40s with leftist political and economic thought, they often ignore concern in the period’s literature and other cultural works with major environmental crises. In my forthcoming book, The Green Depression: American Ecoliterature of the 1930s and 40s (U of Miss. Press, Oct. 2020), I identify ways that depression-era literature contributed to shifts in conservationist thought during the period that would lay the groundwork for the ...



Special panel at the annual conference of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Swansea University, 2-4 September, 2020. 

Deadline: 3 April, 2020

The environmental challenge to our collective existence is both more urgent, and more intractable, than ever before. As ‘global heating’ looks likely to surpass 3C by the year 2100, the realities of life in the Anthropocene are asserting themselves with a speed and ferocity still inconceivable only a decade ...

MLA 2021 Guaranteed Session: Comparative Environmentalisms

This panel explores environmentalisms across linguistic, indigenous, and national frameworks. Challenges to the idea of “environmentalism” are welcome.

MLA 2021 will be held in Toronto from 7-10 January.

This is a guaranteed session sponsored by the CLCS 20th and 21st-Century forum. Abstracts of 250-words to Ben Mangrum at by Sunday, March 1, 2020.

CFP Special Issue: Weird Sciences and the Sciences of the Weird

Pulse: the Journal of Science and Culture is seeking submissions for a special issue entitled “Weird Sciences and the Sciences of the Weird.”

Recent scientific discoveries in climatology, animal cognition and microbiology have radically altered our conceptions of ourselves and the environment we live in, both on micro and macroscales. Zooming in on the human microbiome and out to the planetary ecosystem, or even further into infinite cosmic spaces, the sciences are revealing strange dynamics of human-nonhuman interconnectedness, doing away with ...

International Association for Environmental Philosophy


International Association for Environmental Philosophy

Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting 10–12 October 2020

The Hilton Toronto, Toronto, ON

Following the 59th Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP)

IAEP offers a forum for the philosophical discussion of our relation to the environment. We embrace a broad understanding of environmental philosophy including its affinities with other disciplines in the environmental humanities. We welcome diverse philosophical approaches, including philosophical work inspired by Continental philosophy, the history of philosophy, and American philosophy, as well as theoretically ...

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