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CFP: 2022 NeMLA Conference Session “Social Justice, Speciesism, and Food Studies: The Next Frontier”

Please consider submitting an abstract for the following panel at the 2022 Northeast Modern Language Association Conference to be held from March 10-13, 2022, in Baltimore, MD. Abstracts are accepted from June 15 to September 30, 2021.

Submit abstracts at the NEMLA portal:

Social Justice, Speciesism, and Food Studies: The Next Frontier

This session welcomes papers that address social justice, speciesism, and food studies in contemporary culture, philosophy, academia, and literature from an ecocritical perspective. While a dialogue on social justice is growing in scope ...

Erasure and the Environment Conference

16-17th September 2021, Loughborough University, UK.

Keynote Speaker: Professor David Herd (University of Kent).

In our contemporary moment, erasure is everywhere. Material disappearances abound as rising seas swallow low-lying island nations, as drought extends far beyond traditional aridity zones, and as hurricanes and flash floods destroy towns with alarming regularity. Cultural losses follow as communities are forced to adapt or migrate, surrendering historic traditions and lifestyles to global warming in the name of survival. Loss, here, leads to loss, where precarity and statelessness open communities ...

Queer Temporalities in Literature, Cinema, and Video Games International Conference

Queer Temporalities in Literature, Cinema, and Video Games International Conference

deadline for submissions:  June 10, 2021 full name / name of organization:  University of Murcia contact email:  [email protected]

Conference Dates 2-4 December 2021

Call for participations: “Queer Temporalities” in Literature, Cinema, and Video Games International Conference.


While the study of space has been part of the Queer Studies agenda for a very long time, time has been a more recent addition. This International Conference sees the study of time as being central to the understanding of identity configurations. Studying ...


SAMLA 2021: November 4–6, 2021

Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center Atlanta, Georgia

For the past year, the world has been in the grasp of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as climate change continues to bear destructive fruit in the form of environmental degradation and extreme weather events. In fact, deforestation and human encroachment is widely held to be a major contributing factor to the initial emergence of COVID-19 in humans. Adding to these crises, social unrest continues to erupt across the globe, from protests against ...

Indigenous Narratives of Travel


Panel proposal for ASLE 2021 Virtual Conference, July 26-August 6

This panel calls for abstracts that explore indigenous narratives of spatial movement (conceived broadly) in literature and film. Indigenous characters often redefine their relationship to the environment as they journey through it, whether as exploration, migration, or day-to-day travel. Such narratives of travel allow for new articulations of indigenous identities in response to contemporary conditions. Abstracts from various regions and time periods are invited.

Aquatic Animals in the Global Middle Ages

Aquatic Animals in the Global Middle Ages “We all come from the sea, but we are not all of the sea.” (DIGITAL WORKSHOP, September 27-28, 2021)

Aquafauna has recently been the topic of several conferences and publications focusing on zoological knowledge, its transmission, and transformation. Our workshop aims to investigate the imagery of aquatic animals in literature, their symbolism, their metaphorical use, and widespread views and misconceptions about such animals.

We would like to propose a global perspective limited chronologically rather than geographically. Therefore, we ask for ...

Consoling Affects, Healing Ecologies

Extended Deadline: April 4, 2021

Proposed Panel for: EmergencE/Y: ASLE 2021 Virtual Conference Conference Dates: July 26 – August 6, 2021

From the Decameron’s pastoral idyll to the supposedly ‘restorative’ turpentine woods of the postbellum American South to contemporary greenways and national parks, there is a long history of associating health with rural retreat and immersion in nature. With social distancing a key health prescription of the COVID-19 pandemic, green spaces have emerged anew as sites associated with self-preservation and with mental and physical health. The ...

Imagining a New World is Not Enough: Activism and the Struggle to Save All Lives

Proposed Panel for ASLE 2021 Virtual Conference, July 26-August 6

We have survived one year of a pandemic, one year where we have feared for our own lives, feared for the lives of our loved ones, and feared for what some might ignore when this is over, fearful that “normal” (whatever that is) would re-emerge without what most of us believe is a critical move to another way of living on the earth, of living with each other, both humans and animals and plants. ...

Ontologies of Nature and Indigenous Spirituality and Human Nonhuman Health in Contemporary Latin American Culture

EmergencE/Y: ASLE 2021 Virtual Conference Conference Dates: July 26 – August 6, 2021

This panel seeks to discuss the ways in which cultural productions from Latin America articulate and mobilize ideas about nature as a healing source and, conversely, as a source in need of healing. Both Nature as a panacea for an aching body and as an intoxicated environment in need of healing are two common themes expressed in contemporary visual art, literary works, cinematography and other forms of cultural expression from Latin America. ...

Energy Humanities Interest Group Calls for Sponsored Panels for ASLE 2021

The Energy Humanities interest group was founded in 2019 to provide ASLE members a space to shape the future of the emergent field of the Energy Humanities. The interest group will sponsor up to two panels at the 2021 virtual ASLE symposium, to be held asynchronously from July 26 to August 6, 2021. Panels sponsored by the interest group must still apply for acceptance through the traditional ASLE channels, but sponsorship enhances the visibility of the panel at this large conference and will ...

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