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A Clockwork Green: Ecomedia in the Anthropocene (ASLE-sponsored virtual symposium)

A Clockwork Green: Ecomedia in the Anthropocene

A Nearly Carbon Neutral Virtual Symposium Sponsored by the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment and the University of California, Santa Barbara June 14-30, 2018

The ASLE Ecomedia Special Interest Group is pleased to announce the following plenary speakers for A Clockwork Green:

Dallas Goldtooth (Mdewakanton Dakota and Dine) is a Keep it in the Ground Organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network.  He is a Dakota cultural/language teacher and a co-founder of the Indigenous comedy group, The 1491s. He is ...

Genealogies of Latinx Eco-Media

Latinx Studies Association Biennial Conference panel proposal

Washington, D.C. July 11th-15th, 2018

This panel explores the genealogies of Latinx eco-media, defined broadly to include literature, visual art, film, music, and everything in between. As Euro-American fantasies like the pristine wilderness and the balanced ecosystem become increasingly untenable, it looks to Latinx eco-media for aesthetic, conceptual, and political alternatives. And as the effects of climate change become increasingly pervasive, it recovers Latinx strategies for reimagining—and ultimately, transforming—human communities and nonhuman environments.

This panel centers on an open-ended provocation: ...

ASLE-Brasil Biennial Conference of Literature and Environment

IV International Conference of Literature and Environment: The Demise of Nature, Narratives of Water and Forests in the Anthropocene

Biennial Conference of ASLE-Brasil

June 4 – 7, 2018 Federal University of Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil For questions, email

Conference Website:


The predominant narrative of the Anthropocene is that humans have been destroying nature by dumping 1,500 billion tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Other forms of pollution of the various water sources, as well as the destruction of forests and, with them, the extermination of thousands ...

ECOCRITICISM 2018 – International Conference on Literature, Arts and Ecological Environment

ECOCRITICISM 2018 1st International Conference on Literature, Arts and Ecological Environment Porto – Portugal 14-16 March 2018

e.mail: website:

ECOCRITICISM 2018 – International Conference on Literature, Arts and Ecological Environment aims at providing an opportunity for the critical discussion and reassessment of scholarly and non-scholarly contributions on the relationship between cultural and artistic (literary, pictorial, cinematographic, etc.) manifestations and the development of environmental awareness produced in the last two decades.

Deadline for abstracts submission: 15 October 2017


Conference Venue: The ...

NeMLA 2018 Panel: “The Literary Legacy of Rachel Carson”

NeMLA 2018 Panel: “The Literary Legacy of Rachel Carson”

Proposals due: September 30, 2017 (

Contact Information: Joshua Bartlett, University at Albany ( or

Description: This panel seeks papers that consider the work of Rachel Carson from both literary and environmental perspectives — that explore its growing critical possibilities and theoretical potentials — and that address Carson’s influence on contemporary artists and writers.

Abstract: One of the founders of the modern environmental movement, best known as the author of Silent Spring, Rachel Carson spent over a third of ...

Liquidscapes: tales and telling of watery worlds and our academic partners Schumacher College and the Sustainable Earth Institute (Plymouth University) invite proposals to an international forum: Liquidscapes: tales and tellings of watery worlds and fluid states.

A three-day event bringing together creative thinkers and doers to explore physically and figuratively our watery worlds and the fluid condition.

Keynote speakers include writer Tristan Gooley (‘How to Read Water’), artist Amy Sharrocks and astronomer Prof. Paul Murdin OBE.

The event takes place June 20-22, 2018 at Dartington Hall, Devon UK.

The deadline for submissions is ...

Stories, Myths, and Arts to Envision a Change

International Conference on Environmental Humanities Stories, Myths, and Arts to Envision a Change Alcalá de Henares, Spain July 3-6, 2018

Environmental humanities entail a transdisciplinary and transnational critical framework that is rapidly emerging in the last decade. This framework challenges traditional divisions among human, social, and environmental sciences, since they have proven to be obsolete in confronting, understanding, and articulating the most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges of the 21st century, as well as their multiple scales, risks, and representational difficulties. Environmental humanities emerge ...

Human | Nature: Environmental Humanities in Historical Perspective

The Ohio State University Department of Classics, in collaboration with OSU’s Discovery Theme for Environmental Humanities and the Humanities Institute, is proud to announce its 15th annual graduate student colloquium.

A sense of urgency characterizes contemporary discussions about ecological welfare and anthropogenic effects on the non-human environment. At the core of this discourse lie questions with a long history of artistic, philosophical, political and religious expression. The proper management of space and resources, the negotiation of shifting boundaries between the “human” and “natural” worlds (however ...

“Future Earths”: ASLE Session at ALA 2018


“Future Earths”: Session Sponsored by The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment at the American Literature Association 29th Annual Conference

May 24-27, 2018 San Francisco, CA Deadline: January 1, 2018

We seek proposals for an ASLE-Sponsored Session focused on American literary works that imagine/re-imagine landscapes or ecologies of the future—whether utopic, dystopic, apocalyptic, intentional (future-by-design), or more ambiguous/nuanced. These could be works of contemporary speculative and science fiction, or they could be works from the past that projected the environmental future—as seen, for example, in the tradition ...

Living Matters: The Politics and Poetics of Neglected Life Forms (ACLA 2018)

Living Matters: The Politics and Poetics of Neglected Life Forms

ACLA Seminar, 3/29-4/1, 2018 at UCLA

This American Comparative Literature Association seminar invites papers addressing life forms that have been largely neglected by the nonhuman turn, in its more immediate focus on animals, objects, and environmental forces or processes. We seek to engage the world of living matter that evades human perception or blends, object-like, into human environments—the overlapping worlds of plants, bacteria, fungi, and algae, among other quietly animate forms. How do these nonhumans ...

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