Science Fiction Research Association 2020: ASLE session


The cfp for the 2020 Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) conference, July 8-11 at Indiana University in Bloomington, is now live.
ASLE and SFRA have a guaranteed panel at each other’s conferences. If you’re interested in organizing a panel and/or in proposing a paper for a panel, please connect with Andy Hageman and Bridgitte Barclay, your current ASLE-SFRA liaisons: email to: hagean03 (at)
The 2020 SFRA theme is Forms of Fabulation. The conference takes as core concept Fabulation as practice of imagining otherwise in the construction of reality as scholarly and fiction action.
Fabulation feels especially appealing to intersections of SF with environmental/ecological literature, film, media, critique, and activisms.
Proposals are due to SFRA by March 15, so please be in touch with Andy and Bridgitte by March 6 to give us enough time to coordinate and assist.

Posted on February 27, 2020