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McIntyre Amy

By Nicole Seymour. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2022

Glitter offers an environmental-cultural history of the titular substance, revealing the complexity of that which is often dismissed as frivolous. Seymour describes how glitter’s consumption and status have shifted across centuries—from ancient cosmetic to queer activist tool, environmental pollutant to biodegradable accessory—along with its composition, which has variously included insects, glass, rocks, salt, sugar, plastic, and cellulose. Through a variety of examples, from glitterbombing to glitter beer, Seymour shows how this substance reflects the entanglements of consumerism, emotion, environmentalism, ...


McIntyre Amy

FRAGILE: A NOVEL. By Alexa Weik von Mossner, Elzwhere Press, 2023.

A man responsible for keeping New York City alive falls for an underground animal activist from the wrong side of the East River in Alexa Weik von Mossner’s debut novel about love, loss, and resilience in the face of global ecological crisis.

New York in 2057—a metropolis divided. Sheltered by enormous seawalls, Manhattan is green, clean, and thriving, but the eastern boroughs have been given up to the rising Atlantic. The planet has been ...

Drought Drought Torrential

McIntyre Amy

Drought Drought Torrential, published by Library Partners Press, Wake Forest University, December 5, 2022.

During the Pandemic, Susan Schmidt weeded gardens and kayaked weekly to survey shorebirds. As scientist and poet, sailboat captain, Quaker naturalist—Susan celebrates neighbors in her small town—dolphins, clouds, egrets, terns, willets, black skimmers, oystercatchers, herons, gannets. In Beaufort, as she swims, paddles, rows, sails, walks beaches with her Boykin spaniel Pippa, Susan witnesses coastal diversity and resilience, threatened by sea level rise, King Tides, motorboat wakes, and tourist trash. Gardening on a ...

A Companion to Spanish Environmental Cultural Studies

McIntyre Amy

A Companion to Spanish Environmental Cultural Studies, Edited by Luis I. Prádanos. Tamesis, 2023

Introduction available open access here

A Companion to Spanish Environmental Cultural Studies is an exploration of how writers, artists, and filmmakers expose the costs and contest the assumptions of the Capitalocene era that guides readers through the rapidly developing field of Spanish environmental cultural studies.

From the scars left by Franco’s dams and mines to the toxic waste dumped in Equatorial Guinea, from the cruelty of the modern pork industry to the ravages of ...

In a Land of Awe: Finding Reverence in the Search for Wild Horses

McIntyre Amy

By Chad Hanson. Broadleaf Books, 2022

Through the lens of the wild mustang, social scientist and poet Chad Hanson gives us new ways to see and meaningfully engage our world as we enter new considerations about how we understand animals and our landscapes, our history, and ourselves. What is a wild animal? How do feelings of reverence reconnect us with nature? What can we learn from our wisdom traditions? And in the end, what would it look like if we managed public land with the common ...

Toxic Immanence: Decolonizing Nuclear Legacies and Futures

McIntyre Amy

Edited by Livia Monnet, Foreword by Magdalena E. Stawkowski. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022

This interdisciplinary edited collection examines twentieth and twenty-first century nuclear industries and cultures from the perspective of nuclear humanities, energy humanities and environmental humanities. Positioning itself at the intersection of postcolonial, decolonial, feminist, new materialist, and indigenous environmental science approaches, Toxic Immanence advocates for resistance to, and for the unconditional abolition of nuclear complexes and of the global nuclear regime. Some of its contributions highlight little known aspects of the history and ...

tender gravity

Tidwell Christy

By Marybeth Holleman. Red Hen Press, 2022. 

tender gravity charts Marybeth Holleman’s quest for relationship to the more-than-human world, navigating her childhood in North Carolina to her life in Alaska, with deep time in remote land and seascapes. Always the focus is on what can be found by attention to the world beyond her own human skin, what can be found there as she negotiates loss—the loss of beloved places, wild beings, her younger brother. “do not think,” she says to her mother, “that i ...

Among Animals 3: The Lives of Animals and Humans in Contemporary Short Fiction

Tidwell Christy

Edited by John Yunker. Ashland Creek Press, 2022. 

Animals speak. But humans are, with few exceptions, ill-equipped to understand them. Fortunately, we have writers.

Writers play the critical role of interpreter, positioned between humans and the billions of nonhuman animals with whom we share this planet. In Among Animals 3, you will meet some of these writers as well as the animals who inspire them. These writers have made the most of their talents in writing about species ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and ...

Toni Morrison and the Natural World: An Ecology of Color

Tidwell Christy

By Anissa Janine Wardi. University of Mississippi Press, 2021. 

Critics have routinely excluded African American literature from ecocritical inquiry despite the fact that the literary tradition has, from its inception, proved to be steeped in environmental concerns that address elements of the natural world and relate nature to the transatlantic slave trade, plantation labor, and nationhood. Toni Morrison’s work is no exception. Toni Morrison and the Natural World: An Ecology of Color is the first full-length ecocritical investigation of the Nobel Laureate’s novels and brings to ...

Halcyon Journey: In Search of the Belted Kingfisher

McIntyre Amy

By Marina Richie. Oregon State University Press, 2022.

More than one hundred species of kingfishers brighten every continent but Antarctica. Not all are fishing birds. They range in size from the African dwarf kingfisher to the laughing kookaburra of Australia. This first book to feature North America’s belted kingfisher is a lyrical story of observation, revelation, and curiosity in the presence of flowing waters.

The kingfisher—also known as the halcyon bird—is linked to the mythic origin of halcyon days, a state of happiness that Marina ...