Ice In Your Veins: Antarctica in the Anthropocene with Marissa Grunes

In this episode, we have a wonderful conversation with Marissa Grunes about the literal and literary awe and fascination humans have had for Antarctica. Marissa is an Environmental Fellow at Harvard University Center for the Environment, where she is at work on a narrative nonfiction book, Incognita: A Portrait of Antarctica. She studied Comparative Literature in German and Spanish at Yale, and earned her PhD in English Lit from Harvard, where she studied nineteenth century American literature and log cabins.

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“Polar Autumn” read by permission of the author, Elizabeth Bradfield.

Elizabeth Bradfield is the author of Toward Antarctica, Once Removed, Approaching Ice, and Interpretive Work as well as Theorem, a collaboration with artist Antonia Contro. Her work has been published in The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Kenyon Review, and her honors include the Audre Lorde Prize and a Stegner FellowshipEditor-in-chief of Broadsided Press, she works as a marine naturalist/guide and teaches creative writing at Brandeis University.

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Episode recorded March 13, 2021.  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0