Graduate Student Summer Reading Group: Climate Justice in the Anthropocene

Attention all grad students! Join the ASLE summer reading groups on “Climate Justice in the Anthropocene.” Groups will meet twice over the summer via Google Hangout. This is a great opportunity to meet grad students from other institutions while discussing topics vital to the environmental humanities.
How it works: Groups of up to 10 students will meet twice during the summer via Google Hangouts, likely once in July and August. When exactly you meet will be determined by your own group’s availability. Groups will be assigned in June along with a group coordinator. Sign up by May 31st to be guaranteed a spot. Readings include articles and excerpts by:  Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang, Kyle Whyte,  Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Jason Moore & others. 
Read more and sign up here:
Questions? Email ASLE Graduate Student Liaison (GSL) Kristin George Bagdanov at kgeorgebagdanov[at]ucdavis[dot]edu.