Among Animals 3: The Lives of Animals and Humans in Contemporary Short Fiction

Edited by John Yunker. Ashland Creek Press, 2022. 

Animals speak. But humans are, with few exceptions, ill-equipped to understand them. Fortunately, we have writers.

Writers play the critical role of interpreter, positioned between humans and the billions of nonhuman animals with whom we share this planet. In Among Animals 3, you will meet some of these writers as well as the animals who inspire them. These writers have made the most of their talents in writing about species ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and pigs. In one story, we meet a donkey. In another, a jaguar. And we even encounter a species or two not yet formally identified. These stories challenge us to see what we have tried to avoid seeing. It’s only by looking straight on – and acting upon what we witness – that we can ensure a better future for animals and the planet.

Edited by ASLE member John Yunker, Among Animals 3 contributors include Elisabeth Benjamin, Setter Brindle Birch, J. Bowers, Janay Brun, JoeAnn Hart, Gwen C. Katz, Diane Lefer, Charlene Logan, Nadja Lubiw-Hazard, Marilyn Moriarty, James Edward O’Brien, Helia Rethmann, Denise Rettew, Ingrid L. Taylor, Jacquie Vervain, and Kipp Wessel.

About the cover:
Winky is a Cornish Cross hen rescued by Southern Oregon’s Tikkun Olam Farm Sanctuary in 2019 when she was six weeks old.