By Mary Newell. Codhill Press. January 2019. Tilt/Hover/Veer Poetry by Mary Newell

Pivoting around the modular refrain “in the pith of,” the poetry chapbook TILT / HOVER / VEER depicts moments such as the planetary tilt that “shuffles the seasons,” the dynamic poise of a bird hovering, the tendency to veer as we “aim for the polestar” but “wake up awry,” and the opportunity to recover a vital orientation in the midst of life’s fluctuations.

“Newell’s pithy fragments capture the essence of fleeting moments in time, whole worlds of weather, and portals into the wider universe. With a calm convergence of science, nature, and delicate imagery, Mary Newell’s poems speak to us in a distilled yet expansive diction that pulses and chimes with empyrean elegance and a rhythmic beauty.” —Cindy Hochman, editor-in-chief of First Literary Review-East

“Rich in surprising, often musical language, Mary Newell’s poems bring us into the essence of experiences often overlooked. Tracing small details in the natural world, Newell asks us, again and again, to pay attention to what matters.” -Ruth Danon, author most recently of Word has it.

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