Transparent Mountain: Ecopoetry from the Great Smokies

Ponce de Leon Alejandro

By Loss Pequeño Glazier. Night Horn Books, 2022.

In “Transparent Mountain: Ecopoetry from the Great Smokies,” Loss Pequeño Glazier ( intertwines history, ecology, and poetic spirit to celebrate the resilience and enchantment of the Southern Appalachians. This collection of poems stands as a testament to the region’s survival against near-total devastation throughout the twentieth century. It explores the necessity of wilderness for life by raising awareness of our connection to an interdependent world of living things, the most viable strategy to address global climate concerns.

Glazier not only presents a stunning portrayal of the Smoky Mountains’ vibrant biodiversity but also encourages a deeper connection to the interdependent worlds of living beings. His years of writing, teaching, and exploring heart-spirit landscapes inform the tonally varied poems. Ranging from narrative to historical accounts, empathetic naturalist perspectives to unrestrained poetic expressions, Glazier invites the reader to attest the magic of old-growth spirit through moments of recollection.