Turkish translation of Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac

ufuknina2Member Ufuk Özdağ of Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, recently published her Turkish translation of Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac (Bir Kum Yöresi Almanağı). Ufuk writes the following about her translation: ” A Sand County Almanac is a treasure for the entire earth’s population. With this constantly in mind, my priority goal has been a very faithful translation, to reproduce the poetry and the precise fusion of disciplines of Leopold’s original text. The book will be read extensively in Turkey, and will, hopefully, become a key book to be used in the translations of ASCA into many other Turkic languages spoken across Central Asia. This edition will teach us, Turks, to see our own lands!” Ufuk’s translation includes Curt Meine’s “Introduction to the Turkish Edition,” as well as 210 endnotes for the Turkish reader. On the front page of the edition, Ufuk states:

The Turkish edition of Ald o Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac is in print for the first time, sixty four years after its publication in the Unites States in 1949. In the course of time, Leopold’s unmatched nature philosophy gained much more importance and the Almanac was translated i nto many world languages. Defined as the foundational book of modern environmental movement, and meeting with millions of readers, A Sand County Almanac will perhaps be hailed in history as the most significant conservation and earth restoration book of th e twenty – first century – the century that the delegates of Sixth World Wilderness Congress resolved that it be declared “the century of restoring the earth.”

To read Ufuk’s “Foreword” to the Turkish edition see Aldo Leopold Foundation’s January e-Newsletter. Ufuk will also be a speaker at an “Aldo Leopold Weekend” event at the Turkish American Association, in Ankara, on March 1, 2014; she will give a talk entitled “Leopold’s Legacy and the Turkish Edition of A Sand County Almanac .”