New ASLE Book, Article, and Media Projects Subvention Grants

The ASLE Subvention Committee is soliciting proposals for innovative projects in ecocriticism and the environmental humanities. We are especially interested in projects of a scholarly and/or creative nature that engage with new media, aim at fostering intercultural or interdisciplinary exchange, or seek to bring insights from the environmental humanities to a non-academic public. Subventions may be used to cover the costs of publication and dissemination, including such items as costs for color reproductions, translation, or server space.

Accepted proposals will be funded up to a maximum of $2,000 each.

Materials (and any questions) should be submitted electronically to Amy McIntyre by June 15, 2014: Criteria for submission and required information include:

  1. Membership in ASLE or any international sister organization (ASLE-Japan, ASLE-UKI, etc.).
  2. Author name and university association, if affiliated with an institution; include full contact information (email, mailing address, and phone numbers) and a curriculum vitae.
  3. A summary in English of the project. The total summary should not exceed 3 single-spaced pages.
  4. An explanation of the benefits of this work, if it were funded, including comments on possible audience(s) and relationship to other work in the field. The explanation should also not exceed 3 pages.
  5. An itemized budget.
  6. A schedule for the proposed project that includes a likely date of completion or a specific time frame for the process.

On completion of the project, a project report will be electronically submitted to the Managing Director of ASLE, Amy McIntyre, at
Committee members: Hannes Bergthaller, National Chung Hsing University; Chia-ju Chang, Brooklyn College; Carmen Flys Junquera, University of Alcalá; Anthony Lioi (chair), The Juilliard School; Nicole Merola, The Rhode Island School of Design; Stephanie Posthumus, McGill University. ASLE representatives: Paul Outka, Immediate Past President; Amy McIntyre, Managing Director; and Mark Long, President