November 1, 2017

The Spiral Jetty Encyclo: Exploring Robert Smithson’s Earthwork through Time and Place

The Spiral Jetty Encylo: Exploring Robert Smithson’s Earthwork through Time and Place By Hikmet Sidney Loe. Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press, 2017. Copublished with the Tanner Trust Fund, J. Willard Marriott Library. (from the press’ website):  Robert Smithson’s earthwork, Spiral Jetty (1970), an icon of the Land Art movement of the 1960s and 1970s, is located on the northern shores of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Smithson built a masterpiece from local materials, one that spirals counterclockwise into the lake and appears or is submerged with ...

Piano Tide

Piano Tide

By Kathleen Dean Moore. Berkeley: Counterpoint Press, 2016

Piano Tide has been awarded the 2017 WILLA Award for Creative Nonfiction, from the literary organization, Women Writing the West. The book was also a finalist for the 2017 ASLE Environmental Creative Book Award.

Piano Tide is the debut novel by award-winning naturalist, philosopher, activist, and author Kathleen Dean Moore. Set in coastal Alaska, the book tells the “savagely funny” story of a town’s transformative act of resistance to corporate plunder, as the townsfolk stand up for what they ...

In the Gorge (Poems)

In the Gorge

By Brandon Krieg. New Paltz, NY: Codhill Press, 2017.

Codhill Poetry Award Winner 2016

In Brandon Krieg’s stunning collection In the Gorge, we are placed on a tightrope, balancing the leisure of Western society against the survival of the natural world. Here, nature and human lunge and parry, conjoined twins in a struggle to the death. Krieg reminds us that our manufactured beauty is part of the planet-wide tableau—“looking down from an overpass / looking up through the canopy / the contrails the sunset / ...

Special Issue CFP: Music, Sound, and the Aurality of the Environment in the Anthropocene: Spiritual and Religious Perspectives

Music, Sound, and the Aurality of the Environment in the Anthropocene: Spiritual and Religious Perspectives, Special Issue of Yale Journal of Music & Religion

Guest Editor, Kate Galloway (Wesleyan University)

Yale Journal of Music & Religion invites articles examining connections between music, sound, aurality, and the environment in global expressions of spirituality and religious activity. Examining how environments, places, and nature are approached as sites endowed with spiritual and religious significance, this issue focuses on the intersections of music, sound, religion, and the environment. Possible topics include: ...

Hawk & Handsaw – Journal of Creative Sustainability

Hawk & Handsaw–The Journal of Creative Sustainability publishes thought-provoking written and visual art that interprets and redefines notions of sustainability. Hawk & Handsaw is a publication from Unity College, America’s Environmental College.

We publish a monthly feature during the traditional academic calendar typically highlighting work from an author and works from a visual artist. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. We are also looking for undergraduate student work to highlight in the Eyas blog.

For written submissions, we accept poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction short stories ...