March 15, 2018

2nd JRAAS Anglo-American Studies Meeting: An International Conference

The JRAAS team is pleased to announce the 2nd JRAAS Anglo-American Studies Meeting, which aims to give students the opportunity to present papers on subjects connected to Anglo-American studies, as a way to promote their active involvement in the academia.

In the last decades, Anglo-American Studies have been promoting an interdisciplinary approach, aiming to establish a dialogue between several research areas. Following the same guidelines, our Get-Together intends to welcome multiple perspectives on varied fields, which the audience will be invited to link, so ...

Open Educational Resources Working Group

The ASLE Digital Strategies Committee is interested in forming a working group of members of ASLE to consider open teaching, learning, and research resources. Open Educational Resources (OERs) are materials shared in the public domain under an intellectual property license that allows their free use and re-purposing by others. These educational resources might include individual and collaborative research, course materials and/or modules, textbooks, videos and media projects, to name a few.

How might ASLE offer students free access to materials as well as promote ...

Call for Participation: ASLE Standing Committee on Activism

This is a call for members to participate in the newly-constituted Standing Committee on Activism.

Background: ASLE is regularly presented with requests to sign petitions, participate in protest, and otherwise engage contemporary issues related to its mission. ASLE has also confronted proposed meeting sites that are compromised by political controversy. Finally, it has adopted an Advocacy Policy that allows members to bring proposals to the Executive Council for consideration.

In such cases, the leadership requires detailed information about the issues at hand, as well as a sense ...