Open Educational Resources Working Group

The ASLE Digital Strategies Committee is interested in forming a working group of members of ASLE to consider open teaching, learning, and research resources. Open Educational Resources (OERs) are materials shared in the public domain under an intellectual property license that allows their free use and re-purposing by others. These educational resources might include individual and collaborative research, course materials and/or modules, textbooks, videos and media projects, to name a few.

How might ASLE offer students free access to materials as well as promote student agency in intellectual communities within and beyond their home institutions? How might members of the Association use OERs to move our teaching and research activities into communities outside the academy? And how might OERs create new partnerships with nonacademic stakeholders as we continue to work on common challenges and projects in the environmental arts and humanities?

If you are interested in taking part in this conversation as a member of the working group, if you have OERs to share, or if you have thoughts about the agenda for the group, please send a note of interest to Amy McIntyre at [email protected] and Mark C. Long at [email protected]