July 9, 2020

Episode 1: Forming Roots, Sowing Seeds

In the pilot episode, co-hosts Jemma and Brandon introduce themselves, the podcast, and have a discussion about what’s happening in the world during Summer 2020 and how this podcast hopes to serve as a medium for all voices to be heard and shared.  They also talk about some of the benefits of #nearlycarbonneutral online conferences, in light of @ASLE_US‘s “Humanities on the Brink” July 2020 virtual symposium.


Crime Fiction and Ecology

Discourses of contamination and pollution have long figured in crime writing. Since its emergence in the mid-nineteenth century, crime fiction has frequently elucidated a correlation between transgressive acts and the topographies in which they occur. Within this, it is the detective’s heightened capacity to interpret material and spatial signs – often through the embracement of new technologies and innovative modes of deciphering the social body – that allows for the containment of deviancy and restoration of order. Whilst crime fiction’s mutability has enabled ...