February 1, 2021

Ecocollapse Fiction and Cultures of Human Extinction

Christy Tidwell

By Sarah E. McFarland. Bloomsbury, 2021. 

Ecocollapse Fiction and Cultures of Human Extinction analyzes 21st-century realistic speculations of human extinction: fictions that imagine future worlds without interventions of as-yet uninvented technology, interplanetary travel, or other science fiction elements that provide hope for rescue or long-term survival. Climate change fiction as a genre of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic writing usually resists facing the potentiality of human species extinction, following instead traditional generic conventions that imagine primitivist communities of human survivors with the means of escaping the ...

Killian Quigley: February 2021 Scholar of the Month

Christy Tidwell

ASLE’s Scholar of the Month for February 2021 is Killian Quigley. 

Killian Quigley is a newly appointed research fellow at the Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, in Melbourne. He is also an honorary postdoctoral fellow with the Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney, and an associate of Oceanic Humanities for the Global South. He lives on Wurundjeri land.

How did you become interested in studying ecocriticism and/or the environmental humanities?

My interests in these fields were encouraged, first of all, by great ...