November 22, 2021

Decoding Ecocritical Themes in Literature

Call for Book Chapter as an Edited Volume

TITLE OF THE BOOK: Decoding Ecocritical Themes in Literature Editor : Mr M. Vinoth Kumar Co-Editors : Dr C. Chellappan, Mr B. Thangamarimuthu Edition : 1 Year : 2021 ISBN NUMBER : 978-93-91115-17-3

Theme: Ecology is the main concern of the present condition. All the countries in our world have put an eye on the environmental crisis they have been withstanding and have taken oaths to reduce carbon making by taking a new phase into green principles. From the earlier period to the ...

Literary Druid

Literary Druid is a journal that destinies to foster research and creative writing in English. It welcomes all nationals to contribute for learning and research purposes. The perspective of Literary Druid is to create a niche platform for academicians and patrons to share their intellect to enrich English language and Literature. I welcome all to learn and share.

Literary Druid is an internationally peer-reviewed open access journal. It is published twice a year and covers all areas of English such as History of English ...

International Journal of Tamil Language and Literary Studies

Welcome To IJTLLS: Tamil language is a classical language. It has its origin from nature itself. Its remarkable influence is boundless in many of the languages in our world. The world’s first grammar book Tolkāppiyam was written in Tamil language. The antiques of the language and usage are elaborated in it. In Tamil literature, Sangam literature keeps its lofty place describing the virtues in the tradition followed by Tamil people. The language and literature have glorious past and its present state is in the ...