September 8, 2022

Oh, Snap: The Anti-Creep Climate Initiative’s Webzine Fighting Ecofascism

McIntyre Amy

It’s a full house this month! Lindsay and Brandon are joined by the members of the superhero team that makes up the Anti-Creep Climate Initiative to discuss their webzine, “Against the Ecofascist Creep” The Initiative is made up of the following:

April Anson, Assistant Professor of Public Humanities at San Diego State University, core faculty for the Institute for Ethics and Public Policy, and affiliate faculty in American Indian Studies. Cassie Galentine, doctoral candidate in English at the University of Oregon. Shane Hall, Assistant Professor ...

Reclaiming Time as a Commons: Decolonizing the Hours

Panel proposed at the 2023 ASLE + AESS Conference: “Reclaiming the Commons”

July 9-12, 2023 in Portland, Oregon

This panel will interpret time as colonized by labor and extraction norms and will explore rethinking time as something other than a medium for extraction of value in the so-called Anthropocene. This panel could emphasize how rethinking time in this way could be joined to other new temporal arguments, such as the importance of thinking at long temporal scales, the need to improve at shuttling back and ...