Oh, Snap: The Anti-Creep Climate Initiative’s Webzine Fighting Ecofascism

It’s a full house this month! Lindsay and Brandon are joined by the members of the superhero team that makes up the Anti-Creep Climate Initiative to discuss their webzine, “Against the Ecofascist Creep” The Initiative is made up of the following:

  • April Anson, Assistant Professor of Public Humanities at San Diego State University, core faculty for the Institute for Ethics and Public Policy, and affiliate faculty in American Indian Studies.
  • Cassie Galentine, doctoral candidate in English at the University of Oregon.
  • Shane Hall, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Salisbury University.
  • Alex Menrisky, Assistant Professor in English and affiliate faculty in American Studies at the University of Connecticut, and the author of Wild Abandon: American Literature and the Identity Politics of Ecology.
  • Bruno Seraphin, doctoral candidate in sociocultural Anthropology with a graduate minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies at Cornell University.
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For more on the Anti-Creep Climate Initiative and the webzine: 

Webzine: https://www.asle.org/features/stemming-the-creep-of-ecofascism-a-primer/

ACCI Email: [email protected]

April: @AprilAnson

Cassie: @CassieGalentine

Alex: @AlexMenrisky and https://www.alexmenrisky.com/; Alex also appeared on the April 2021 episode of EcoCast

Bruno: @BrunoMarzipan

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Episode recorded August 18, 2022. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0