October 3, 2022

Environmental Politics After Humanism

Environmental Politics After Humanism (edited collection)

This edited collection of essays aims to invigorate and expand an emerging interdisciplinary conversation, based in posthuman and new materialist theory, between political science and environmental humanities scholars.

One of the most intriguing ideas within new materialist and posthuman theory is undoubtedly the concept of post-anthropocentric, or distributed, agency. The work of Bruno Latour, Karen Barad, Jane Bennett, Stacy Alaimo, to name just a few influential scholars, has produced a definitive critique of humanist models of subjectivity, agency and ...

In a Land of Awe: Finding Reverence in the Search for Wild Horses

McIntyre Amy

By Chad Hanson. Broadleaf Books, 2022

Through the lens of the wild mustang, social scientist and poet Chad Hanson gives us new ways to see and meaningfully engage our world as we enter new considerations about how we understand animals and our landscapes, our history, and ourselves. What is a wild animal? How do feelings of reverence reconnect us with nature? What can we learn from our wisdom traditions? And in the end, what would it look like if we managed public land with the common ...

Jada Ach: October 2022 Scholar of the Month

Tidwell Christy

ASLE’s Scholar of the Month for October 2022 is Jada Ach. 

Jada Ach is a Lecturer at Arizona State University, where she teaches in the Interdisciplinary Studies and Master of Liberal Studies programs. She is the author of Sand, Water, Salt: Managing the Elements in Literature of the American West, 1880-1925 (2021) and co-editor of Reading Aridity in Western American Literature (2020).

How did you become interested in studying ecocriticism and/or the environmental humanities?

I didn’t set out to study ecocriticism when I started my PhD. ...