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Contact: Editorial Board
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Orlo is an organization dedicated to exploring place-based and environmental issues. Orlo is also far-reaching community of people—writers, artists, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, readers, observers, experimenters—who are curious, critical and engaged with the people and places around them. Through The Bear Deluxe Magazine, readings, art shows, lectures and other events, Orlo supports a dynamic and diverse dialogue about how we relate to our environment. Orlo and The Bear Deluxe Magazine operate with a dedicated crew of volunteers and supporters.

Submission guidelines:

As with any publication, we strongly suggest that you review several back issues before submitting manuscripts, portfolios or query letters. Visit our back issues page here, and email us at [email protected] to order specific issues.

Deadlines: The Bear Deluxe does not have strict, published deadlines but considers submissions and story ideas on an ongoing basis.

Email Submissions & Attachments: The Bear Deluxe is currently only accepting email submissions. As a volunteer-run publication, we can only respond to those email submissions chosen for publication. Thank you for your understanding.

Email [email protected] to be added to the editorial listserv and to receive occasional updates and calls for submissions on selected themes. Or better yet, join the eNewletter list.

Submission Formats: Writers are encouraged to suggest headlines, subheads and pull-quotes, although final decisions in these areas are made by the editorial staff. Include a 20-word biographical statement. In the subject line of your email, address your submission to appropriate editor: i.e., poetry editor, fiction editor or nonfiction editor. Whenever possible, include writing samples or links to recent work.

Want more specifics about editorial genres and specifications, word counts and themes?:

Nonfiction: Unsolicited nonfiction manuscripts are considered, but it is less common that they find a home in The Bear Deluxe. More often, nonfiction writers approach editors with a story idea or are asked to write on ideas generated internally by the magazine. Specific ideas should be presented in a detailed query letter format and accompanied by writing samples, and suggestions for artwork. Features: Several independent features are included in each issue. Features are typically timely, have an overarching perspective or appeal and include strong elements of reporting. Word range: 750-4,000 words. Departments: Front of the book: eclectic mix of shorter stories, including news updates, brief interviews, found writing, info graphics and factoids. Reviews: New titles, lost classics, films, videos, products, theater. Almost anything goes. 100-1000 words. Interviews: Well-known folks, sure, but also feature interviews with creatives outside of traditional environmental circles. 1,500-4,000 words. Short interviews with more insider types: 750-1,500 words. Resource page: Lists of opportunities for readers (schools, organizations, instructions, other) with brief description of each. 500-650 words. Stockroom: Updates on recently published material (100-250 words).

Fiction: We are most excited by high-quality writing that furthers the magazine’s goal of engaging new and divergent readers. We appreciate strong aspects of storytelling and are open to new formats, though we wouldn’t call ourselves publishers of “experimental fiction.” We generally do not publish traditional sci-fi, horror, romance or crime/action stories. Word limit: 4,000.

Essays and Creative Nonfiction: We are more interested in essays and creative nonfiction that go beyond “walks in the park” or “relationship stories.” We treat essays and creative fiction much like features (see above) and encourage a strong sense of reportage or news-gathering. Personal narrative essays are accepted, particularly when addressing a specific theme identified by the magazine. News essays, on occasion, are assigned out. 750-4,000 words.

Poetry: 50-line limit. Please submit only 3-5 poems.

Theme Issues and Sections: Nonfiction stories related to a theme tend to be developed in close consultation with the editorial staff.

Writers’ Listserv: You can add your name to the email listserv for notification of themes, call-and-response features and editorial updates by sending an email to [email protected]. Better yet, join the eNewsletter list.

Copyright and Compensation: The Bear Deluxe pays for 1st-time publishing rights only and online publishing rights for one year. After publication, all rights revert to the authors. The Bear Deluxe compensates its writers with a negotiated rate for nonfiction and fiction and a one-year subscription.

If you are interested in contributing your in-kind or financial support please email us at [email protected].

For more specific information about volunteering as a designer, including information about internships, please see the art, design and illustration guidelines at

Posted on August 22, 2019