Writing Environment, landscape and territory: ecocriticism and cultural studies in South America

Deadline: May 1
Contact: Allison Mackey, English Professor, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+598)94895694

Tekoporá: Latin American Journal of Environmental Humanities and Territorial Studies welcomes abstracts for papers to be published in the July 2021 issue.

This 4th edition of Tekoporá seeks to gather work from the intersecting fields of ecocriticism and cultural studies that is specifically related to issues surrounding environment, landscape and territory. Articles must explore literary, cultural, visual and other texts that engage with environmental issues and are contextualized in South America.

We invite contributions premised on the environmental and/or post-human turn of literary and cultural studies, with the purpose of contributing to an understanding of the varied problematics that emerge in representations of the relationship between culture and nature within the specific environmental contexts of South America, in what we increasingly understand as the Anthropocene.

Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Theoretical debates: ecocriticism, theories and methods.
• Anthropocene vs. Capitalocene
• Philosophical, aesthetic and phenomenological criticism of the environment
• Environmental ethics
• Thought, identity and cultural diversity in the perception of nature
• Postcolonial eco-criticism
• Indigenous ecologies and epistemologies
• Ecology and gender: ecofeminist, ecomasculine and ecoqueer movements
• Non-human human studies: animal, vegetable and literary ecosystems
• Deep ecology, the post-human, and new materialisms
• Geopoetics: nature and landscape in South America. Representations of Antarctica, the Amazon, the Andes and Patagonia and other landscapes and representative ecosystems in the literary imagination
• Ecogreen studies: nature, literature, figurative arts, music, poetry and the environment
• The environment and media production
• Blue ecocriticism: coastal / maritime ecologies
• Nature in speculative, fantastic and mythological literature
• Representations of nature in children’s and young adult literature
• Aesthetic approaches to urban environments and their impact on human and non-human lives
• Ecopedagogy / ecopsychology / affective registers of the Anthropocene.

Interested contributors are invited to send abstracts of 300-500 words (in Spanish, Portuguese or English) and a short biographical note (not more than 100 words), by email to the editors: [email protected] and [email protected] by May 1, 2020. Full articles will be due on Friday, July 31, 2020. Work must be original and will be subject to a peer review process.

Dr. Allison Mackey (UDELAR / CURE)
Mag. Victoria Lembo (UDELAR / CURE)

Guest editors:
Dr. Mariana Achugar (UDELAR / FIC)
Mag. Mauricio Cheguhem Riani (University of Salamanca / Ilicia)
Mag. Sofía Rosa (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile / Anid)

Posted on February 27, 2020