Ashland Creek Press Celebrates 10 Years

Boutique publisher of environmental literature will publish 30th title this year
(Ashland, OR— March 1, 2021)

John Yunker and Midge Raymond

This month, Ashland Creek Press is celebrating 10 years of publishing, beginning with the first book in a young-adult trilogy (of which Kirkus Reviews wrote, “This series opener blends genre tradition with West Coast environmentalism … the result feels fresh and original”) and poised to publish a nonfiction book for young readers, Saving Animals: A Future Activist’s Guide this spring.

Over the past decade, Ashland Creek Press has published a range of environmental fiction and nonfiction across all genres — from literary fiction to eco-thrillers, from romance to narrative nonfiction — and is one of the first small presses to devote itself entirely to environmental literature.

“When we first started, the word ‘eco-fiction’ may as well not have existed within the language of publishing and bookselling,” said Ashland Creek Press co-founder and ASLE member John Yunker. “Ashland Creek Press was founded with the mission of finding homes for books that weren’t selling within the traditional marketplace. Now, even the Big Five publishers are interested in books about the environment, climate change, and endangered species.”

Among the books Ashland Creek Press has published over the past decade are Mindy Mejia’s The Dragon Keeper, New York Times bestselling author Gwyn Hyman Rubio’s Love and Ordinary Creatures, Katy Yocom’s award-winning novel Three Ways to Disappear, as well as two anthologies of short fiction (the Among Animals series). The press has also ventured into writing workshops with its first program, “Writing for Animals”, a four week class focused on how to portray animals in a changing world.

The publisher also places an emphasis on celebrating and promoting eco-literature beyond what it publishes; Ashland Creek Press is a sponsor of The Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature
( and established EcoLit Books (, an online gathering spot for readers and writers of environmental literature that features book reviews, writing opportunities, and more.

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