A New ASLE Mission and Strategic Plan

Since the ASLE Strategic Plan was approved in 2009 our association has strengthened its organizational structure, enhanced the disciplinary and demographic diversity of our membership, and reaffirmed the core values of equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Following a review of the 2009 Plan at the officers retreat this past spring, and discussions over the summer and fall, the Executive Council of ASLE has approved the 2014 Strategic Plan.

The 2014 Plan includes a new mission statement for our association:

The mission of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) is to inspire and promote the work of scholars, educators, students, and writers in the environmental humanities and arts.

In addition, we defined some of the ways we seek to further our mission:

  • By supporting teaching and learning in the fields of environmental literature, ecocriticism, environmental studies, literature, and science, and broadly in the humanities and the arts
  • By fostering member collaboration and public dialogue through conferences, networks, publications, and other forums
  • By generating collaborative research in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and sciences
  • By promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility on behalf of the membership
  • By facilitating the public dissemination of member projects and expertise
  • By maintaining and championing ecologically sustainable and socially just practices

The Strategic Plan includes updates to reflect changes in the membership and organization, including our pilot grants, projects and programs, and finances. There is also a revised list of goals and tasks that will need to be accomplished to realize the goals of our association. The Plan is available on the Bylaws and Policies Page of our web site.